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About Us

A bit about us

What do we do:
Here @DakennelEnt We host/promote business events from charity to club, and parties while also venturing off to fashion shows for our clothing apparel. Bringing in revenue allows us to donate to Animal Shelters in the DMV area

How do we do it:
We use  our social media accounts to promote our business and show people what we are doing. We also go out to the local colleges such as: Howard, Towson, Morgan, Maryland, Hampton showing people in person more about the goal trying to be achieved. Giving away free merchandise to help spread around the word.

Whom do we do it for:
We do it for everybody from Children/women/men & families all nationalities Including animals. We are trying to spread peace, positivity, and love around the world showing people that just because their life is hard or the odds seem against them they can break away from that struggle to achieve greatness.

What value do we bring:
Focusing on Customer appreciation every great foundation has a strong support system
We strive for innovation constantly coming up with new designs creating mind blowing material
Trying our best to bring Dogs to warm loving families taking them away from the lonely cold streets
Strongly pushing for Fun Safe events, We want to ensure our guest will be able to come out and have fun not worrying about if any problems are going to occur

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